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Macsovszky, Peter


He was born 4. 11. 1966 in Nové Zámky. He studied Slovak and Fine Arts at the Pedagogical Faculty in Nitra (1986 – 1991), and English at the same institute (1989 – 1992). He has a rich work experience, he has been an attendant, a copywriter, editor (esp. in dailies but also as an editor of short advertisement films at a private TV company) and teacher, worked at the Encyclopedic Institute SAS, and he worked as a managing editor of IKAR Publishing House. In the framework of the International Writers Programme he spent 3 months in the USA (1997). His works has been translated in magazines into English, Czech, Hungarian, German, Polish, and Slovenian. He also writes under the pseudonyms Petra Malúchová and Jozef Varnusz. He is a translator from English and Hungarian.

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